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The valley of Can Masdeu is a network of projects that resists, at the rhythm of the seasons, the voracity of a city without limits. It is a creative act of disobedience to the world of money, smoke, noise and speed. A proposal for collective cooperation and coexistence between generations, at the foot of Collserola and with roots in Nou Barris.

The valley comprises 35 hectares of land classified as ‘equipamientos’, part of the Collserola Natural Park and is owned by the Hospital de Sant Pau. However, from the point of view of use, the active custodianship of this suburban territory is exercised by the collectives that have reclaimed this as an agricultural and social space since 2001. This network mobilizes hundreds of people, all linked to one of the five projects of the valley, and remains viscerally convinced that the land belongs to the those that work it.

We commit to the agroecological defence of the Collserola and claim management of the valley, but we believe it to be a public resource, a recovery of common space and resources reappropriated from market logic and self-managed by the community.

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