Using the Space

The valley has a total area of ​​35 hectares, which are mostly covered with forest and undergrowth. The cultivated area of Can Masdeu is about 3 hectares of land and is always open.
Although we only open the social centre or provide activities on the open days, you are also welcome on the other days of the week. We invite you to walk through the valley or enjoy recreational spaces we have created.

You can take a look at the gardens and allotments (respecting cultivated areas), strolling along the paths, rest in the shade of fruit trees or play on the play-park. You can also follow the course of water: the spring, the water tanks… Or you can sit in the patio of the PIC.

These spaces can be used in small groups without needing to notify us, as long as you respect the people who use the space regularly and everything is left clean and tidy.

To organise an event: If you are a member of a collective and want to use one of the spaces in the PIC or  external spaces to organise an internal meeting, group activity, political event or communal meal, please contact us in beforehand to see if it possible and the if space is available: or