Although our vocation is not self-sufficiency but self-management and exchange, we cover many of our needs with our own work. Thus, in the gardens we grow many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs that we eat throughout the year, and we also produce eggs, honey, sspirulina, beer and medicinal herb preparations. In the bakery we bake our own organic artesan bread,and exchange for fruit and olive oil with small producers. For transport we mainly ride bikes, which we mend ourselves. We also have a couple of communal vehicles, and we build furniture, inventions and bio-construction houses.

The water system is organized in a self-sustaining cycle. We channel the waterfrom springs in the valley, gray water is reused and our showers are heated with solar water heaters or wood.To learn more about the water system you can also check out these maps and photos, edited by Oasis, experts in integrated management of water, who have helped us refine the efficiency of our water system, which is built from the reconstruction of the ancient irrigation systems of the valley.

apicultura bicis calentadores solares cervesa forja gallines horts Forn de pa sistemaaigua

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