Seed Bank

Through the Seed Bank Through the Seed Bank we practice the exchange of native organic seeds in order to preserve local biodiversity. Recovery and reproduction of seeds on a small scale, as is traditionally done, gives autonomy against the unsustainable policies of monopolistic seed multinationals like Monsanto or Syngenta. Only three decades ago, there were over 7000 seed companies, none of which came to 0.5 percent of the world market, in 2005 half of the global seed market was in the hands of only ten companies. We can not accept that the seeds, which are the basis of life, be monopolized by the same companies responsible for GM contamination and the loss of agricultural biodiversity.

If you want seeds, ask at the bar every Sunday that the
PIC is open. We encourage donations but also seek exchange. If you spread our seeds to others, bring us some too!
The Seed Bank collaborates with the Xarxa Catalana de Graners (Catalan Network of Farmers).

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