Oficina Rurbana

Looking for the address of an empty house in Girona? A small group of people to set up a permaculture farm? A book that explains how to make a solar cooker? Native tomato seeds to start a garden on your balcony? A video on GM? The contact of a rural community that you want to visit for inspiration?

There is an active network of farmers rooted in the earth, seed banks and consumer cooperatives, urban gardens and small NGOs, all united by the need and taste for establishing new human and economic relations. The Officina Rurbana is there to help.

TheOficina Rurbana has three branches:

Opening Hours: The Oficina Rurbana is open on Sundays when the PIC is open, all day. The tools are designed so you can use them on your own without help … but if you have questions or suggestions, ask those responsible. And remember that the office is a communal project, if you have information, bring it along.

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