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The PIC is a self-managed social centre. This means that running the space depends everyone feeling our jointly responsible to fill the space with activities. You can collaborate or give a helping hand by providing materials, but mostly by proposing an activity or workshop, discussion, debate, or film screening … In general we organise activities relating to the three main themes that interest us especially : critical thought and social movements; personal growth (encompassing issues related to self-management of health, or artistic or alternative therapies); and practical skills related to rural life and / or an autonomous anti-capitalist community perspective.

If you are interested in leading an activity one Sunday based on one of these themes, complete the form below with all the necessary information. The tea of people co-ordinating the social centre will look at your proposal and if it seems viable will get in touch to fix a date. Bear in mind that activities in the PIC are free and we ask that a fixed contribution from the participants should only be a asked for if necessary to cover costs of materials and / or transportation.

Form for proposing an activity in the PIC

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