Free Shop

The Free Shop is based on a simple idea, you bring clothes or bags you do not want and take things you need. And all without money involved, 100% discount. It is not a charity shop but of a project to value things and exchange to meet needs.
Globalisation allows large textile companies produce garments with little labor or environmental restrictions, and bargain prices. We can reduce our collaboration with this perverse system through buying clothes made using traditional methods, or by local businesses, and promote alternatives that allow us to consume less. This motivation, dignifying and decommodifying the exchange of second-hand clothing, is at the origin of the free shops.

How does it work? Bring your clean clothes in good condition and hang them yourself on the clothes rails following the established classification. Please do not bring to much at once … space is limited! If you need clothes … you are bound to find something you like. But please bear in mind there are no shopkeepers here! You can try on everything that you want but pleae leave the free shop tidy. And if you want to lend a hand to keep everything tidy, write to:

Opening Times: The free shop is open on Sundays that the PIC is open, all day.

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