The Collserola Interaction Point (PIC) is intended for people of all sizes, ideas and backgrounds, with a programme oriented towards adults and also children’s activities. Every Sunday we host free workshops, talks, screenings and performances, offered by a wide range of workshop leaders, activists and artists, some of them members of the community. The PIC activities mainly cover the fields of agroecology, permaculture, crafts, self-management of health, do it yourself, dance, theater, social struggles, political ecology and critical thought generally. On the Sundayswhen we are open you can also join the tour of the project guiada pel projecte (at 12:00) and make use of the permanent public resources of the PIC: the Library, el Seed Bank, la Window into Rural Life i the Free Shop; and enjoy the organic food or purchase artisan products..

To assist in activities in the PIC email: pic.canmasdeu@gmail.com
To offer an activity, consult the conditions.

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