Open Days


We meet at 10am in the community’s vegetable gardens to work the land, learn and share a snack at 12h. After that, we keep working and we have an organic food at 3pm. During the hotter months of the year the work days begin at 5.00 in the afternoon.


On Sundays we open the social centre, the PIC, where you can join in with workshops, talks and entertainment and join the  tour of the project and enjoy an organic meal. You can also use the resources in the Oficina Rurbana or try on clothes in the Free Shop.


Check the Calendar to find out the open sundays or any other special events.

Important: It’s always better to consult the web before coming. If for some reason we have to cancel an open day we will post a notice on the site. The PIC is not open every Sunday and is closed for Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.