• 1– Maintain the community self management of all current projects in the valley and the house of Can Masdeu
  • 2– The Hospital de Sant Llàtzer, having been abandoned for half a century, should be converted into a space for public use for the neighbourhoods of Horta and Nou Barris … (and if not, to it should be re-forested).
  • 3-Neither privatization nor opacity, a truly participatory process is needed in defining and deciding any new transformation in the valley.
  • 4- The Cami de Sant Llàtzer should not be tarmaced.
  • 5– The large water bassin at the end of the valley should be revitalised for for agriculture, wildlife and leisure.
  • 6– The Hospital de Sant Pau should withdraw their civil lawsuit.
  • 7– The classification of several several areas of the valley should be changed from area of​’equipment’ (7a) to agriculture and forestry.
  • 8– To defend the valley of Can Masdeu is to defend collserola
    • Urgent approval of the special plan on uses of the of Collserola Natural Park.
    • Containment of overuse.
    • Change some classifications of land use that still threaten the area.
    • Stop road projects outlined in the infrastructure plan for Catalonia 2006-2026. No to the Vial de Cornisa and the Horta Tunnel.
    • Create the position of associated spaces to the Collserola National Park.
    • Remove extractive activities.
    • Preserve the streams and their surroundings.
“Don’t try to rasie the city up to the mountain, but bring the mountain down to the city … the land is for those that live on it!”