How to Get Involved

The best way to get to know Can Masdeu is to participate in our activities. Can Masdeu is welcoming and has a mix of projects of many types and is organized around five main projects:

There is dynamic equilibruim between these projects. The people living in the house don’t do everything on their own, but we are responsible for boosting the use of the valley, as well as building relationships with the neighborhood, the city, the Collserola (the name of the range of hills to the north of Barcelona where we are located) and the rural world. Many other people work with us in this task that do not live in the house.

To help us be personally sustainable in our involvement in the project, the people who live in the house need to take care of our space and our intimate time. It is an enriching balance, but sometimes difficult. To facilitate this coexistence we have created weekly open days.