Community Gardens

The Community Gardens is a neighbourhhod movement for the reappropriation of the land, born in the autumn of 2002 with a coming together of youth, seniors and families. This has revitalised the cultivatable land and created a space for inter-community relations, encompassing more than one hundred people of all ages, divided into 35 plots.
Community gardens are a meeting point, a place to meet the neighbours and promote a healthy lifestyle, a self-learning food-growing experience that supplements the daily diet of families with fresh, local and organic food.
Co-management happens through a monthly meeting where we manage aspects such as procurement and distribution of water, soil and manure, renovation and maintenance of water tanks and ancient irrigation systems, as well as participation in the community life of the neighborhood or organizing parties. We have two basic operating principles:
1- Practice organic growing drawing on the resources available (compost, manure, plant waste …) without using chemicals.
2- Build community, by attending monthly meetings and taking on tasks and responsibilities.
If you want to know more, you can delve inhere.