Environmental Education

Our Environmental Education project offers guided tours of the valley as well as games and practical workshops that help visitors to deepen their understanding of such subjects as: our lifestyle and its impact on the environment, principles of organic farming and permaculture, conscious consumption, citizen participation in social change, cooperation and community life, and others. This project is mainly dedicated to children and youth, but we organise tours for all age groups.

Our mission is to offer the opportunity to learn an alternative life that takes place near the city, in the Natural Park of Collserola, which allows us to integrate a little more with natural cycles. We have got to know and become integrated into the cycle of energy (solar, wood, bicycles etc.), the water cycle (rainwater collection system, grey water recycling, irrigation ponds, dry toilets), the cycle of matter (nutrients and materials, waste management, construction, recycling workshops, compost etc.).


How to arrange for a visit for your group:

We are available to receive educational visits on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. (Thursdays and Sundays are NOT available.)

Visits typically last 2-3 hours and can be scheduled in the morning or in the afternoon.

After or before the visit, you can stay to have a snack in one of our outdoor spaces, enjoying the view, the birdsong and the fresh air.

We offer the tours for free, but from those groups that can afford it we accept donations to help us cover the costs of materials and other expenses for this project.

We also ask for a letter of support with the stamp and signature of the institution, confirming your group’s participation.

Since 2003, hundreds of schools and institutions have participated in this project. (see list).

To contact us to arrange a visit, write to: escolesiesplaiscmd@gmail.com